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An exclusive private club that puts women and the desires of women first.

We empower women and give YOU the confidence

YOU need by liberating YOUR inhibitions.

If you are looking

for your first time, experimentation,

casual encounter, or stress reducing liberation,

our discreet club provides the perfect environment.


What is Pink Masquerade™ ?
Pink Masquerade™ is an exclusive private club that puts women and the desires of women first. These types of clubs have been run by men or geared towards a man’s needs for centuries. Pink Masquerade™ empowers women and gives them the confidence they need by liberating their inhibitions. We want to educate women, make them more sexually dominate, and provide them a safe environment to receive the intimacy they can only receive from each other.

Is Pink Masquerade™ for me ?
Have you ever been curious of what it would be like to feel the touch of another woman? Or felt like there was something missing from your intimate relationships? But you were too scared to act on it? How do you know where to meet women with the same curiosities? How do I approach them? How can I have a safe intimate experience with another woman with none of the dating, relationship hangs up? Where can I go to relieve stress, get some "me time", and do something for myself that is 100% self-indulging? Did you ever want to share or act out your fantasies with no judgment? Ever wanted to be more confident in your relationship?

If you feel like this or wanted to explore with no expectations, judgements or consequences yours came to the right place. We have made every effort to make sure you have a comfortable, safe, and most of all pleasurable experience. This club is designed to provide education and liberation though the experiences of each other.


What is a Soiree ?
Our exclusive soiree’s are social gatherings where like-minded women can meet, learn, educate, empower and explore each other.

You will most likely arrive feeling nervous, full of questions, expectations, and wonder if it’s too late to turn around. We have all been there. We are all about communication and ensuring that you have the best experiences. We have a rigorous screening process to create the best guest list possible. Prior to your arrival we are happy to answer any question you may have, nothing is a “bad question”. We organize an elite list according to your preferences and profile. So we will have everything you are looking for.

How do I become a member ?
We are an exclusive elite club. In order to ensure the quality and safety of all our members we pre-screen everyone. Our approval process is based on numerus factors based on the information you provide. Our membership spaces are very limited.
To apply for Membership, you must complete the form on this site as well as attend a mix and mingle. If selected to become a member you will be notified via email. If selected to be an elite Mask Club Member you will receive an invite to our next Mix and Mingle. Those who are not immediately accepted will be added to a waiting list and reviewed monthly

How does the approval process work ?
We carefully review your submission. If you are approved we will send you a membership package via email. The package will include a membership card, club information and Soirée schedule. Approval time varies.

Why do I have to submit my picture ?
We require you to submit a headshot and body shot to make the best pairings when it comes to our member’s specifications. You may wear a Mask for either photograph and all images are kept confidential and never shared, posted, or used for any purpose other than screening. All images are discarded after screening process.

Do I have to use my real name ?
Absolutely not! At Pink Masquerade we are all about the mystery. Discretion is our top priority.

How do you make sure submissions are real 'no catfish' ?
We have an extensive screening process. We check all pictures for authentication and monitor all email ip's. We also require and image verification for all soirees. We also have a secured sign in area at all events and any 'fakers' will be escorted off the premises by security.

What’s the location ?
Shhh! We cant tell you that right now. But if invited we will let you know 24 hours prior our Soiree'.

What is included in the Mask Membership ?
Access to the membership site, Entrance to our Exclusive Soiree' Events, Monthly Mix & Mingles, Pink Masquerade Mask, Chocolate Bar, Pink Champagne, Car Service access to events, and Party Play Pack. AND total discretion and privacy to explore your Fantasies.

Are Men Allowed ?
NO. This is a playground where women can express their innermost desires with each other.

Do I have to participate ?
The only thing we required you to do at our soirees is know that this is a place where you can explore on any level you wish, it is all about any experience you wish. Know that there are zero expectations only that you enjoy our club.

How do you ensure my privacy ?
Your discretion is our top priority. What happens here stays here.

Do I have to dress up ?
Come dressed to impress in your sexiest persona

Do I have to wear a Mask ?
Yes, we will provide you with one.

Can I bring friends ?
We encourage you to invite your friends to register and become members. Our exclusive soirees are invite only.

What if I have never done this before ?
Great! We have set up the perfect environment for first timers to explore their fantasies.

Can I cancel ?
Because this is an invitation only event, we are giving you one of our highly-coveted spots because of that we are non-refundable.

exclusive soiree’s are social gatherings

where like-minded women can meet, learn, educate, empower and explore each other.

Past Events

Pink Masquerade

New York

Manhattan Penthouse

Burlesque Dancer: Sydney Love

Products by

All Attendees receive Select Items and Products

Pink Masquerade


Notting Hill Estate

Products by Coco De Mer

Designed in London to delight lovers everywhere. Made from the finest fabrics, Coco de Mer's lingerie Icons embrace eroticism, elegance, playfulness and grace. Each timeless piece is luxurious, empowering and enticing, inspiring you to explore the limits of your erotic imagination.
All Attendees receive Coco De Mer products

Pink Masquerade


Rembrandtplein Roof Top Venue

Burlesque Dancer: Audery Bregg

Pink Masquerade

New York

Midtown | The Royalton

Tipping the Velvet Novel
Sexuality and sexual identity is the most prevalent theme in the novel. The title is an obscure Victorian pornographic slang reference to cunnilingus. Tipping the Velvet as an "unabashed and unapologetic celebration of lesbian eroticism and sexual diversity"

Pink Masquerade

Los Angeles

The Pink Bunny Show features Leigh Rose and Kelsey Fire in a over the top Burlesque Preformance.

Pink Masquerade Bi Curious Party

Los Angeles

Dr.Stewart methodically guides women as they learn to value their own pleasure and overcome obstacles to satisfying sexual expression resulting in exhilarating sex lives.
All Attendees receive a Certificate for a private session with Dr.Stewart

Pink Masquerade bisexual

New Orleans

Right from Rick's Cabaret to your front row seat Ms.Daisy will titilate your sences.

Pink Masquerade

New Orleans

All Attendees receive custom pieces from Bonjour Lingerie

Pink Masquerade


Accepting Members Now

Pink Masquerade


Membership NOW OPEN
till Sept 01

Pink Masquerade


Fifty Shades of Pink
Ocean Estate

Pink Masquerade


Membership NOW OPEN
till Sept 29th

Pink Masquerade Atlanta


Membership NOW OPEN
till Sept 01


We have a extensive screening
process in order to create
the best guest list

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